Types of Shoes

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Not all shoes are created equal. Some shoes are designed simply for style and do not give you the comfort and support you need to avoid injury, feet deformities, or other conditions.

It is possible to find stylish shoes that do not hurt your feet; you just need to know how to find them. Learn more about the importance of proper shoes and how to select the best footwear for your needs: 

  • Aerobic Shoes.
  • Baseball/Softball Shoes. 
  • Basketball Shoes. 
  • Children's Shoes.
  • Corrective Shoes. 
  • Cycling Shoes. 
  • General Athletic Shoes. 
  • Golf Shoes. 
  • Jogging/Running Shoes. 
  • Men's Shoes. 
  • Soccer Shoes. 
  • Tennis Shoes.
  • Walking Shoes. 
  • Winter Sports. 
  • Women's Shoes.
  • Work Footwear.

If you are unsure whether your shoes are the cause of your foot pain, visit a skilled podiatrist to have your feet examined and your shoes evaluated.

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