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Chronic foot problems and lack of support from either your natural foot shape and arches or the shoes you wear can cause discomfort that disrupts your everyday life.  Lack of foot support often creates problems for ankles, knees, back, and hips, but the easiest way to get the relief you need is often through custom orthotics, or shoe inserts.

The Benefits of Orthotic Insoles

Almost anyone who is either active or on their feet all day can benefit from extra support in their footwear, but orthotics become even more essential when dealing with medical issues such as diabetes, low natural arches, or persistent foot pain. Dr. Stuart Jablon helps his patients find personalized solutions for foot problems through custom-made shoe inserts. Our doctor-recommended and prescribed orthotics provide:

Support for Flat Feet - Some people believe that only those with high foot arches need supportive shoes or shoe inserts, but this isn’t the case. Those with flat feet, who have very low natural arches, need the extra support as well. Arches are your feet’s natural shock absorbers and support. When your natural arch is minimal, custom shoe orthotics are essential in preventing foot pain and helping balance your movement.

Relief of Diabetic Foot Problems – Our shoe inserts for diabetic patients prevent skin problems and ulcers by relieving pressure on feet and providing balanced support. Diabetic shoe orthotics also help improve patient comfort and limit progression of any existing issues by properly absorbing shock, limiting slipping around inside of shoe, and better stabilizing feet.

Reduction in Heel Pain – Heel pain can be attributed to a number of issues, especially plantar fasciitis. Our custom orthotics are intended to provide cushioning support in the right places, to prevent muscle strain and relieve foot and heel pain.

Designing your Custom Shoe Inserts

Custom shoe inserts from our Marlborough and Haddam podiatric clinics are specially prescribed and designed for you. We provide orthotics that fit your health needs, activity level, and the shape of your feet, whether you have high arches, flat feet, or need heel support and extra cushioning. We take the following steps to create the care plan that will work best for you:

Biomechanical Exam – During this initial appointment, Dr. Jablon examines joints in feet and checks foot structure. He can also analyze gait and judge range and degree of motion on feet and ankles.

Orthotic Casting – After Dr. Jablon has determined any outstanding podiatric issues, we take impressions of your foot or feet and send both your orthotic cast and our data on range of movement to a laboratory, where your specialized shoe inserts will be created for you.

Dr. Jablon understands that one type of insert will not work for all individuals. Orthotics care is not a one-size-fits all approach, which is why our treatments are customized to your unique foot shape and health needs. We utilize the number one orthotics company in the world (PAL Health Technology), which provides long-lasting shoe inserts that offer reliable support for many years and are made from durable materials.

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We design custom orthotics in Marlborough and Haddam to help patients find relief from foot pain and support for common foot and health issues. Contact Dr. Jablon at one of his podiatric clinics today to learn more about how our shoe inserts can help you.


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