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Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Pain in Marlborough, Haddam & East Hampton, CT 

Frequent pain in the arches of your feet or your heels, symptoms of a condition called plantar fasciitis, is a common issue experienced by millions of Americans. However, because foot pain and heel pain are common, treatment can be quick and effective. At the Marlborough and Haddam foot clinics of Dr. Stuart Jablon, we provide customized, comfortable care for foot discomfort caused by plantar fasciitis.

Evaluating Foot Health: Getting to the Bottom of Arch and Heel Issues

The ligament that runs between your toes, through the arches of your feet, and connects to your heel is called the plantar fascia. When you strain or irritate this ligament, it’s common to experience pain in your heels and arches that can worsen throughout the day.  Reoccurring foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis can be triggered or aggravated by a number of factors, including age, weight, whether you’re on your feet on all, or if your feet tend to roll to either side while you walk.

We welcome patients into our friendly foot care clinics for a complete evaluation of their heel pain and to pinpoint potential causes of plantar fasciitis. During your first appointment, Dr. Jablon takes your medical health history, conducts a physical exam, takes X-rays, and reviews all findings with you before suggesting treatment.  Our friendly staff makes sure that you completely understand your condition and our treatment plan before we begin.

Non-Surgical, Comfortable Treatment for Foot Pain

The first step in successfully treating foot pain associated with plantar fasciitis is wearing a temporary arch support. These shoe inserts are comfortable and are an easy addition to make to your daily routine. Dr. Jablon recommends wearing these arch supports as long as possible to ensure they provide maximum support and benefit to decrease strain on ligaments.  Other common care recommendations during the try-in period for your orthotics include:

• Eliminate Walking Barefoot
• Ice Your Instep and your Heel When Needed
• Take Anti-Inflammatory Medication
• Perform Suggested Foot Stretches

These simple steps help to soothe foot pain and are effective in reducing stress and inflammation. If the orthotics and additional steps for suggested care eliminate arch and heel pain, Dr. Jablon can create a set of custom-fit orthotics that you can slip into any shoe to enjoy greater support.

In our office, foot surgery is always a last resort. For patients who need additional care, Dr. Jablon provides cortisone injections to help treat ligament irritation, and can refer treatment to a local physical therapist or other specialist for more comprehensive treatment.  Providing the right foot care solutions to meet your needs and your budget is our primary focus.

Learn More about Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis

You don’t have to live with uncomfortable pain in your feet, heels, and arches. For more information about available foot care for heel pain and plantar fasciitis in Marlborough and Haddam, contact Dr. Jablon today.


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